ColRegs Nav Lights & Shapes, Rules Of The Road and IALA Buoys Apps

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ColRegs Navigation Lights & Shapes

ColRegs Nav Lights & Shapes Splash Screen For iPad

ColRegs Nav Lights & Shapes, Rules Of The Road and IALA Buoys Apps Make Learning Rules on iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android Easier and Faster.

With so many traditional ways to learn the ColRegs, thousands of skippers worldwide including RYA trainers and trainee skippers, are choosing to download our Safe Skipper sailing and boating apps on their mobile devices to help them learn, practise and remember the ColRegs with greater ease.

The series of instructional apps comprises three graphically-led apps , each designed to help boaters and sailors master the ColRegs (Nav Lights & Shapes, Rules of the Road) and IALA Buoys & Lights on their mobile devices.

Simon Jollands, author of the apps, took his RYA exams before smartphones and the iPad existed, and remembers finding it a real challenge learning and remembering the ColRegs.  It was this learning challenge, he says, that prompted him “to create a series of highly visual apps to make learning the rules easier for everyone.” Simon was delighted when we got permission from the International Maritime Organisation to illustrate the IRPCS rules. User feedback has been excellent and Simon says he’s “encouraged by the way training schools are recommending the apps to their students. We have further ideas for marine apps in the pipeline, and  the positive response from our community is giving us the impetus to create more apps for our users.”

Safe Skipper apps are ideal for RYA Yachtmaster exam candidates and RYA Day Skipper trainees who are required to know the rules thoroughly, and need to know how to apply them practically. Candidates on the Yachtmaster exam will often continue their test into the night, where there is a high likelihood they will encounter collision situations for real, and the examiner will ask candidates to identify the various lights and shapes contained in the rules. Stephen Bateman says “it’s this kind of situation that’s driving skippers, RYA trainers and trainees to download the apps, which look stunning on an iPad or tablet.

Stuart Batley, Technical Director, says “there are lots of ways to learn the rules, but what users genuinely seem to like is the interactive “test yourself” quiz section. The multiple choice quiz gets lots of good ratings, and, following popular demand from our users, we’ve just added an extra 10 questions  in our latest update of Nav Lights & Shapes, covering more material, as well as revisions to lights for towing vessels and some improved descriptions. All our apps are compatible with the iPad.”

All Safe Skipper nautical apps are designed to work on iPhone, iPod, Android and the latest generation iPad, as well as Amazon Kindle. Thorough testing prior to publishing the apps on the apps stores by a panel of experts helps ensure the apps are accurate and there are no technical glitches.

Click the link to view  ColRegs apps and demo videos

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