Man Overboard Drill

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Man Overboard Drill – Getting the MOB aboard

Man Overboard Drill

Man Overboard Drill – Getting the MOB aboard

Getting an MOB aboard a boat can be very challenging. The MOB is likely to be exhausted, shocked, cold or injured and will have little strength to help themselves aboard.

• Once alongside, tether MOB to the boat using a line looped around their arms with a bowline

• Ensure boat is stopped and engine in neutral• An uninjured, conscious MOB may be able to be helped aboard by another crew member in calm conditions via a stern ladder or bathing platform

• Consider launching the boat’s tender as a first step to full recovery

• Deploy a sling and lifting tackle prepared for the purpose. Attach the tackle to the boom or main halyard and lift casualty aboard by pulling on the pulley or via a winch block hoisting the halyard

• Prepare thermal protective aids and first aid

Man Overboard Drill


• It may help to remove the guardrail to bring the MOB aboard

• There are many types of kit available designed for retrieval and recovery of an MOB including throwing strops, inflatable horseshoes, rescue slings and parbuckles

• A 5:1 pulley and rope slung over the boom will improve the ability to recover a MOB if specialist kit is not aboard

• Practise recovery and using the tackle before it is needed for real

(Info taken from the Safe Skipper App for iPhone, iPad & Android)

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