10 Essential Sailing Apps

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The East Fremantle Yacht Club in Australia has selected 10 Essential Sailing Apps they would recommend to anyone with an interest in sailing. In the infographic below, their selection includes Sailing Education Apps, Apps for Tides and Navigation & Charting Apps.

The East Fremantle Yacht Club’s 10 Essential Sailing Apps are a great recommendation for all sailors. When it comes to sailing on open water, knowledge really is power. You should never attempt to leave dry dock without first conducting plenty of research into the intricacies of your planned route, predicted weather and tidal conditions and how to respond to emergency situations. If you take to sea hoping you’ll know what to do instead of actually knowing what to do, it is quite likely that you’ll find yourself in a lot of trouble if a tricky situation arises.

10 Essential Sailing Apps

Carola Bruce of East Fremantle Yacht Club (http://www.efyc.com.au/) produced this infographic guide to the best apps for sailors and it’s great to see that Safe Skipper is included in her selection.

Check out the infographic to see the list of recommended apps and find out why they have been endorsed by a long-standing Australian sailing club.

10 Essential Sailing Apps - Infographic

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