Anchoring – getting it right is not always straightforward

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If you can set an anchor correctly with confidence and know your boat will be safe in a secure anchorage, then you can rest in comfort and will not need to rely on moorings and marinas when cruising. Anchoring is one of the most important boat handling skills. If you do not know how to anchor correctly then you risk endangering your boat and also others who might be...

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Getting a tow for your sail or power boat at sea or on inland waterways

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FREE tips from the Safe Skipper App for iPhone/iPad/Android: Getting a tow for your sail or power boat Plan how to secure a tow rope to your boat. The tow rope must be attached to strong deck fittings As a rescue boat approaches, warn them of any debris or loose lines in the water If you are being rescued by a lifeboat, follow their instructions – they are...

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Boat Engine Safety Checks

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  Boat Engine Safety Checks Every skipper needs to make regular essential boat engine safety checks. Below you will find tips, all featured in our Safe Skipper app, guiding you through Pre-start Checks, Running Engine Checks, advice about troubleshooting and helpful tips. Boat engines on the whole are pretty hardy, but they all need regular inspection and servicing,...

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Hourly Checks when sailing or motoring

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  Hourly Checks Get into the habit of carrying out these checks and both yourself, your crew and your boat will be safer: Fill in log book Filling in the log book can seem an unnecessary chore but having a record of courses and positions is valuable if you have an electrical or electronic failure. You can also see weather trends.   Engine compartment A regular check...

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